How Sheffield Locksmiths Began...

Hi thats me  Richard Steele, founder and owner of Sheffield Locksmiths, I became a Locksmith 10 years ago and started off as a subcontractor working for the large national locksmiths companies doing call outs across South and West Yorkshire. Although this paid the bills I really disliked working for these national firms as they charge the customers extortionate fees and it was me that had to hand the bill over to the poor customers after I'd done the job! The big nationals dominate the advertising on google and in the Yellow pages etc posing as local businesses, but in reality its just a call centre that will then take the job details and phone around subcontractors in the area and instruct them to do the job for them. They then pay the subcontractor half the money and keep half for themselves, and its because of this they have to bump up the prices. They have to pay for all the websites, directory advertisements etc, and the call centre staff, and all the other business overheads, then pay the subcontractors so for a job that is worth about £50 they end up charging £150! They are unethical in their practices too sometimes instructing Locksmiths to charge £50 or more for a cheap lock which will have only cost them around £5! Suffice to say I wanted out of this unethical arrangement and went it alone. Its not been easy and sometimes work is scarce as I just don't have the time or money to invest in advertising and website building, but through providing a top quality service at an honest price, and always being friendly and respectful and as helpful as possible to my customers, I have established a decent amount of work through word of mouth and recommendations and hopefully will continue to do so. Now with a couple of family members on board I hope to continue providing the same quality service whilst growing the business by gaining new domestic customers and working with new businesses and clients in the property industry.


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